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Ecclestone Is Still Desperate For A Ridiculous Qualifying Format

Because in Formula One every day is April Fools’ Day, Bernie Ecclestone has gone off on one again and surprise, surprise it’s about qualifying.

This weekend in Bahrain, F1 fans will have the pleasure of sitting through elimination qualifying again but when if it fails again, Bernie doesn’t want to go back to the old system THAT WAS ABSOLUTELY FINE IN THE FIRST PLACE AND NO ONE WAS COMPLAINING ABOUT! (Sorry.)

Speaking to, Ecclestone suggested a few more crazy ideas like ballots or even ballast.

“A couple of ideas – either a ballot, which is not very sophisticated or I suggest leave qualifying exactly as it is and don’t touch it and then add a time on. So if somebody is on pole, you can take the results of the previous race or the championship, and add two or three seconds or whatever the amount is, to the time of the qualifying.

“You will find maybe the guy who is on pole would be 10th on the grid or eighth, and that will go all the way down.”

In further proof that he’s reached that age where he just doesn’t give a single crap any more, Ecclestone also had a go at the drivers for finally speaking out over the current state of Formula One.

“They cannot do anything. They have an opinion and everyone has got an opinion,” the 85-year-old said. “It is really their discussion with their team; and the team has got a voice. They are only saying what the teams have told them to say.”


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