The only thing talked about as much as tyres in Formula One these days is track limits and ahead of the Hungarian Grand Prix, that’s exactly what’s in the spotlight.

Track limits have become an increasing annoyance for fans, as drivers take some questionable racing lines, now tracks have hundreds of metres of run-off area on every corner.

It seemed like they’d found a solution at the Red Bull Ring when running wide onto the kerbs ended up breaking suspensions just like a concrete wall would but instead the FIA have decided to trial something else instead.

This weekend the Hungaroring will feature electronic timing loops that will inform race control when a car has all four wheels off the track, so then the stewards can spend about six hours deciding what penalty to give them.

“We have installed loops 1.6m from the track edge which will alert us when a car has all four wheels off the track in these two locations,” said F1 race director, Charlie Whiting.

The ‘loops’ will be installed at turns 4 and 11 at the Hungaroring. So, do you think it’s a good idea or not?