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Elimination Qualifying Has Been Dropped Already

In what has to be the worst F1 debut since the Mastercard Lola team back in 1997, elimination qualifying has been dropped as F1’s new qualifying format after just one terrible, terrible, terrible attempt at it.

The team principals got together for a crisis meeting ahead of the Australian Grand Prix to make sure no one has to witness a qualifying session like it ever, ever again.

A unanimous decision was made to revert back to the former knock-out system for the next round in Bahrain. Aww, isn’t it nice to find something everyone agrees on?

F1 teams and drivers had apparently warned the FIA about how the elimination format would pan out but they were still determined to give it a try. What did happen was the fans leaving the circuit with four minutes left on the clock as the grid was already decided.

They’ve also agreed to ditch the driver tear-off for now and will also be more lenient on the team radio ban that was meant to be introduced for the opening race. Well that lasted long…

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