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F1’s New Elimination Qualifying Is Changing Already

The season hasn’t even started yet but already we’ve ended up with three different qualifying formats to start the season with.

First off we heard the news that F1 was introducing a new elimination-style qualifying system where drivers would be knocked out one-by-one every 90 seconds, then Bernie revealed that the season would start with the old system because they wouldn’t be able to sort it out until Spain.

Well guess what? It’s now changed again.

Now apparently we will get elimination qualifying in time for the season-opener in Melbourne but with a slight tweak. Q1 and Q2 will run with the new elimination system but now Q3 will stay as a top ten shoot-out but… now there’s only eight cars, OK so it has changed a bit.

The new qualifying system has already been a bit of a farce with Ferrari saying they oppose it and some top drivers claiming the constant changing of the rules made F1 look “unprofessional.” They’re not wrong.

Don’t get too comfortable though as apparently the teams are still waiting to find out what the hell is going to happen in Melbourne with McLaren’s Eric Boullier saying “Every time I do an interview there is a different version coming, so let’s wait until it is official and then we can comment.”

Ah, Formula One don’t ever change. No wait, do change. Do.

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