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These Epic Lamps Are Made From Mercedes F1 Gear Ratios

We always love to see old Formula 1 parts being used in creative ways and turning Mercedes gear ratios into a snazzy, racing-related lamp has to be the perfect accessory for a motorsport fan’s home.

These gear ratios have been used during F1 races and the lamps come with a proper team certificate of authenticity, for any doubters out there.

The F1 parts were raced by Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg during the 2011 F1 season, as part of the W02.


In fact, they’re still in race-used condition and feature the original engraving of the individual F1 car part component number (because every single part has to be marked with its own digit).

They’re hand-crafted from stainless steel, with a concrete base. It has a very industrial look, with the gear ratios obviously being the main focal point.

The LED light has five dimmer settings and an on/off switch positioned on the pivoting stem, for those lamp enthusiasts out there.

So if you want to give your home a splash of F1 style, why not go for a Mercedes gear ratio lamp?


It’d certainly be a pretty cool conversation starter. “Hey, that’s a cool lamp”. “Yeah, it features a piece of F1 car once driven by Michael Schumacher/Nico Rosberg”. Not many people can say that.

But, of course, the gear ratio lamps come at a price. And it’s a pretty hefty one, as they’ll set you back £499.

via Memento Exclusives.

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