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ESPN Beats Amazon And Netflix To F1 US TV Broadcast Rights

Since Drive To Survive burst onto the scene in 2018, F1 in the US has gone from strength to strength – and its companies are willing to pay big bucks for the right to broadcast it! 

2021 was the most viewed F1 season ever on US television, with almost 1 million viewers tuning in to watch every race. This trend has continued in 2022, with the inaugural race in Miami pulling in over 2.6 million viewers over the course of the weekend.

So it’s no surprise that the US’s biggest broadcasters went head-to-head for its exclusive rights!

After a race with Amazon, Netflix, and Comcast, ESPN have agreed to a deal with F1 until 2025. The sports broadcaster will pay between $75-$90 million per season – 15 times higher than their last partnership, valued at $5 million per season! Ouch!

According to a report from the Sports Business Journal, Amazon had offered $100 million for the exclusive rights with Netflix also wanting to stream the races. However, F1 revealed that they were not ready to move to a full-on streaming service right now.

The contract with ESPN is still yet to be signed, but other bidders have already been told that the two parties have come to an agreement.

With DTS already a great success, could F1 move to Netflix full-time in the US? 

11 thoughts on “ESPN Beats Amazon And Netflix To F1 US TV Broadcast Rights

    • F1TV Pro is not available in the US to watch races live. And, you pay a membership with ESPN (just like F1TV) to stream the races. You don’t need cable.

      • I live in Las Vegas and watch everything through F1TV Pro every race week. I cut my cable specifically because it works. Everything is streamed live.

        • My bad (I’m Canadian) but I always assumed that since ESPN had the rights, that F1TV was not available in the US

          • I was going off my experience in Canada, which was until 2020 F1TV was not available in Canada because another broadcaster had the rights. Just like with Sky in the UK currently having the broadcast rights, and F1TV not being available there either. I assumed, that since ESPN had the broadcast rights, they would not allow F1TV to also stream.

      • randomlyassigned says:

        As a subscriber living in the US, I can definitely say F1TV Pro is available in the US and likely cheaper than whatever an ESPN subscription would cost.

  • Travis Stoner says:

    I just hope they can come up with enough advertising money to keep the races commercial free like Mothers Wax has done. I know that most of the world is like that but it’s been a game changer for us in the states!! With the cost of the rights going up so drastically IDK if 1 company will be able to foot that bill.

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