Everyone In This Formula Renault Race Got Confused When The Leader Broke Down During A Safety Car Finish

Santiago Rosso was on course to win this Formula Renault Argentina race when his car broke down in sight of the finish

Few things in motorsport are less exciting than a race finishing behind the safety car, but that definitely wasn’t the case here.

As is usual in such situations, the safety car pulled into the pits on the last lap so the leader, Santiago Rosso, could take the chequered flag. He cruised to the line slowly, then a little slower, then even slower still. Then he stopped, leaving everyone behind him wondering what on earth was going on.

After much deliberation, second-placed Juan Pablo Rotondo decided to go ahead and take the flag and the win, whilst behind him was the most ridiculously close finish for second and third with Exequiel Bastidas just pinching it from Yango Rajczakowski.

If they were attempting a photo finish they did a damn good job of it as the gap was just 0.001 seconds. That makes them 11-times better at it than Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello were at the 2002 US GP!