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Ex-F1 Boss Shares His Savage Opinion Of Hamilton’s 2022 Season

It’s true that Lewis Hamilton hasn’t had his best start to an F1 season. But despite two podiums in 2022, Ex-F1 Boss Bernie Ecclestone has some pretty savage words about the Brit’s performance so far…

Speaking to the Daily Mail, the former F1 boss, who was in charge of F1 for almost 40 years, said, “I don’t think he’s trying, do you? Let’s put it another way. Lewis doesn’t seem bothered about losing. It’s not like him. He has a competitive nature – but he’s taking losing a bit easy for my liking.”

Ahead of the British Grand Prix, Hamilton is on the verge of his longest streak without a win in F1, having last been on the top step of the podium in Jeddah last year. 

According to Eccelstone, Toto Wolff “is getting a bit fed up” with Hamilton’s lack of performance and thinks the Brit could end up leaving the team before the end of his contract in 2023.

“Lewis might sell his position to Toto,” He added. “‘This is how much I am getting. I’ll step down and give me half of what I would get.’ Toto can go and do one of his magic deals, offer someone less money and keep £20m. Nobody needs to tell Toto this because he has already thought of it. Lewis would probably stop under those circumstances.”

The seven-time world champion currently sits sixth in the drivers’ standings, 34 points behind his teammate George Russell. Russell has been one of the most consistent drivers on the grid this season, having finished in the top five in every race this season.

“I didn’t think [Russell] was that good, but he has done an excellent job,” said Eccelstone.

“I’m surprised. Or is it a case of Lewis doing a bad job? A bit of both. I don’t think [Hamilton] is actively helping George. I don’t think he’s doing anything. I don’t think he cares too much. He’s not prepared to put the effort into winning that he did.”

It’s a pretty strong statement from the Ex-F1 Boss, but then again, he always loves to be controversial 😳

49 thoughts on “Ex-F1 Boss Shares His Savage Opinion Of Hamilton’s 2022 Season

  • Jacob Lawton says:

    Old white man who is now irrelevant to the sport has controversial opinion on the sport’s black star. Happening in so many sports needs calling out more by journalists

    • Do you mean the old white men who developed the sport and got it where it is today. Those guys? I think Bernie was calling out his white half anyway…

      • Jacob Lawton says:

        Loads of things were wrong with his leadership of F1 that suppressed the audience new owners are doing a much better job.

        But yes he is now an irrelevant old man whose views like this should be called out and challenged not just allowed to make up baseless rumors that then get coverage on news sites.

        • Everyone can have an opinion, just like Seb and Lewis have. Doesn’t mean you have to like or agree. It’s bad when people try to suppress and cancel. The media make up so much stuff these days to be first or controversial.

          • Jacob Lawton says:

            The media make up so much stuff these days to be first or controversial.


            What does that even mean. What examples do you have? What do you mean media?

            He can have his opinion I just think when someone like this is having an opinion like this its should be challenged, what do you want he can say what he likes with no basis about black stars and people are not allowed to ask why he thinks that or point to his pattern of bad opinions?

          • You don’t get to police when people can and can’t being up race. If you don’t think bias (conscious or otherwise) colours a lot of opinions on Hamilton than you are either hopelessly naive or completely ignorant about how these things work (perhaps both).

          • You can’t know that. No one can know that. It’s easy to deny racism when you make no effort to understand it. Racism is rarely overt. If you can’t grasp this, you’re going to enter debates on the topic like an austrich with its head in the sand.

          • Wolf Den Auto says:

            Until Bernie Eccelstone brings up race then there’s nothing regarding race to discuss.

            Implying and or assuming the race card is the driving force epitomizes ignorance and stupidity.
            Perhaps self serving denial of truths on performance.

            When in doubt make it about race!!

          • Peter Hogan says:

            About time you gave this a rest. You’re a minority of one, and no-one wants to listen to you.

          • TheTomatoes says:

            Maybe, but that has nothing to do with race. And in case you hadn’t noticed, F1 is full of stupid rumors and opinions.

    • No controversial opinion that he thought Russel wasn’t that good? Probably because George is a white kid.

      See I can pick and choose ridiculous narratives just like you.

      • Jacob Lawton says:

        That is also a weird opinion, but the article and headline is in relation to Hamilton and there are lots of other examples of him making comments like this about Hamilton and it happenes in lots of other sports.

        • BLAKE THOMAS says:

          “And it happens in lots of other sports.”

          This is the clear indicator that you have no idea what you are talking about and no one should pay you an ounce of attention.

        • TheTomatoes says:

          I think your obsession over race is weird. Did you get discriminated against when you were younger ?

        • TheTomatoes says:

          I think your obsession over race is weird. Did you get discriminated against when you were younger ?

    • Vincent Blokker says:

      Im getting so sick and tired of people like you. If you don’t like an opinion that is outed… you immediately draw the r-card. Ecclestone is someone with incredible lot of experience in F1, saying this already feels like an understatement. Him saying that a former world champion is under performing is this right, because he would know. He also said Vettel should stop… Why are you not angry about that? Or is it all about race? Bernie Ecclestone has always be critical, with everybody.

      • Jacob Lawton says:

        If he can’t handle his opinions being challenged he should not make them. My point is very clear he should not be allowed to say anything he wants and not be challenged by in the interviewer because this opinion then gets reposted in multiple channels without any critical thought.

        • Samuel Melo says:

          You are one entitled prick.
          Who are you to say “he should not be allowed to say anything he wants…”?

          Go touch some grass.

          • Samuel Melo says:

            You are challenging him though. And it’s a stupid argument.

            You are an ideologue. You think like one. You speak like one and you definitely are entitled like one. Only the ones like you believe you. Good luck with that.

          • Jacob Lawton says:

            How is it a stupid argument? Why are we listening to him? Why does he have opinions like this, why does he have a history of clashing with Hamilton even after he left the sport? Why is he always making controversial statements.

            Also one person in the comments challenging him. And you can’t even handle it, not sure why you are mad at me for having an opinion when I have no power and no one is going to write stories about it but his must just be taken verbatim?

          • Wolf Den Auto says:

            His opinion was that Hamilton didn’t care….wasn’t working as hard as before….losing isn’t bothering Hamilton…

            What he did NOT say was that any of the above was going on because he was black. Matter of fact the only one bringing up race is you.

          • Jacob Lawton says:

            So I can’t say I think opinions are affected by race, unless the comments are explicitly racist?

          • TheTomatoes says:

            You keep saying it’s racist baselessly. Please quote sections of the article demonstrating your point.

          • TheTomatoes says:

            People listen to him if they want to. You don’t have the right to impose your opinion on others.

        • Vincent Blokker says:

          Your original point was about race! Stop making it about race! It has nothing to do with that! “Old white man”, “black star” people like you are dangerous!

        • BLAKE THOMAS says:

          Lol at “critical thought.” Your entire argument is race based. Ecclestone gave three reasons why he criticized Hamilton and you gave one baseless one for yours about Eccleston. Are you an arts major?

          Also, it’s not about agreeing with Ecclestone or whether he has a dumb opinion on a driver. It’s about the annoying race baiters, such as yourself, that remind us of yappy dogs or annoying screaming kids at theme parks.

          • BLAKE THOMAS says:

            The best point he made was how Russell was outperforming him, despite how amazing Hamilton has performed in his career (and Hamilton is amazing). You turned around and made it about “an old white man attacking a black star.” That line is played out. Find something original to say.

      • Peter Hogan says:

        I like Bernie. He did an incredible job during his time, and he’s a very, very shrewd guy.
        Look back at Lewis’s persona this season and what Bernie said makes perfect sense. I can see that in Lewis, too, and no, I’m not knocking him. I’m a great Lewis fan and have been since his very early days.

        • Tjidde Nieuwenhuizen says:

          I agree with you, compare Lewis Brazil 2021 to Lewis this year.

          Something broke in his head space. I don’t know what but it is hurting his results, compared to Russel. Who I think would be beaten by Lewis easy peasy if he drives like last year. But Russel is on top for some reason.

    • Why bring skin colour into it? That is such a creepy, backward route to go down. You’re effectively saying a white person isn’t allowed to make a negative comment around a black sportsmans performance. Do you not think what you are saying is racist towards black people?

      I absolutely despise racism, but that ultra-woke mindset is actually massive racist towards black people. Do black people want to live in a world where white people have decided they are so downtrodden, that they can’t be criticised by white people? Views like that are completely backward and are not progressive, they’re taking us back and ruining decades of progress. It’s very sad, because it’s like trojan horse racism….Towards black people!!!

      Did you know Bernie gave the first ever black F1 driver an F1 test at Brabham when he was a team boss? In 1986. Which was a very different world. So maybe have some respect, instead of the blatant agism and cliched assumed racism.

      • Jacob Lawton says:

        History of controversial comments and around Hamilton and black drivers in F1, very valid point to bring up when talking about his opinions. And it’s a pattern in lots of sports with lots of old pundits.

        It’s not ultra woke to point this out.

        Obviously people can criticise Hamilton without me making it about race, otherwise I would not read and listen to WTF1 because I would think they are all racist every time Hamilton has a bad race. I just think when it comes to him, and his opinions on Hamilton they warrant more push back and more critical analysis not just the quotes.

        • Tjidde Nieuwenhuizen says:

          In my view, people that play the racist-card like you when someone is critical about your idol(who is black, which doesn’t matter for any bit). Even is the critical stuff is pure about the person. What Bernie is doing in this article.

          Those racist-card users are as horrible and toxic as racists themselves maybe even worst.

    • TheTomatoes says:

      Ah so since Ecclestone is white and Lewis is black, Ecclestone can’t criticise Lewis in any way. What a great world we live in, Jacob!

  • Harvey Specter says:

    Bernie, sometimes it is better to be silent and let the world think you are a plain moron rather than talk so much and by doing so, remove every doubt.

  • Well he said in Montreal that he started praying again,
    I don’t believe any prayer will help him win the race ever again
    That is what happened when you solely rely on luck, and other teams misfortune, running other cars of the track, having most superior car, etc…
    How was he able to get so lucky over 100 times is beyond me,
    Water under bridge, move on people, and stop talking about it, there are some very talented drivers, that need attention in media, Max. Leclerc. Russell.

  • Christian Oba says:

    Bernie is racist af. Lewis has 7 world championships and is having an OK season for a number 3 team. He can stay as long as he wants. Drivers like Stroll and Latifi are the ones gatekeeping F1 seats. They’re the ones who need to go

    • Mikhail Ulrich says:

      I dont see at all how this is racist lewis has has a mediocre start to his season compared to other seasons.

      • Wolf Den Auto says:

        Come on now…you know it’s a ploy by Bernie and FIA to allow porposing because that only affects black people.

        Just ask his assistant Angela.

    • Tjidde Nieuwenhuizen says:

      Why the Racist-card? He is just critical of Lewis as a driver, because of his lack of results. Compared to Russel.

      I also agree with Bernie, I miss the fire in the arse of Lewis he had for serval years. Something broke in his headspace. Compare the Lewis of Brazil 2021 to Lewis now, if you told me they where different people I would believe you.

  • Amalkumar Venkatraman says:

    Lewis should have been like Rosberg, quit when on top. Now he is facing some sort of humiliations from all sides. His 8th title in now a is a distant possibility. My suggestion is, he quit now and come back with another team after a year or two and try his luck.

  • Stay in the same team long enough, they always end up in the midfield. Once a good driver, but he got it too easy and now he’s getting too old for motorsport. These youngsters growing up on sim racing are going to make the old generation look slow.

  • SwissTrainPhotos says:

    Bernie is right though, Lewis is for sure not giving his 101% to win or fight for the title. George is giving 104% out of 100%. he’s fighting every single inch and trying even to go for a risk to win. thats fighters mentality.

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