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New F1 2015 Info And Screenshots


We normally have to wait a long, long time into the year before any news appears on the new Formula One game, but this year Codemasters are doing things a little differently (better) and releasing the game early. It now even has a release date of June 12th for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC, that’s much, much earlier than its predecessors, meaning you’ll get a lot more out of it before the cars become out of date.

Techy folk will also be happy to hear that 60fps is on offer, with Playstation 4 getting 1080p and the Xbox One 900p.


The game will be released with the grid for the 2015 Australian Grand Prix but updates will add new things in like Manor and perhaps a less-shit version of the McLaren-Honda if they do actually improve come Spain.

Another pretty neat feature will be voice controls so you can feel just like Lewis Hamilton when you’re saying “Shut up, man. Don’t talk to me through the corners, man” during your race. Pretty cool.


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