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Leaked Pictures From Codemasters’ F1 2015

F1 2015 leaked images 03

While most F1 games are released near the end of the season and are pretty much already out of date, Codemasters promised an early release for their new title and their first next-gen Formula One game. Well F1 2015 appears to be well on its way if these leaked photos from F1 Game Memes are indeed legit.

The images show the new Mexican Grand Prix circuit (which isn’t even finished in real-life yet) and cars dubbed ‘2015 Hybrids’ which the text explains are 2014 cars with the new liveries and nose cones, due to be updated later down the line.

F1 2015 leaked images 04 F1 2015 leaked images 02 F1 2015 leaked images 05

EDIT: So they’re legit. Codemasters revealed to Eurogamer: “The work-in-progress images were taken from a confidential internal development email. At this time, all content is subject to approval by Formula One Management and the teams.”

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