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These Redesigned F1 Liveries Would Bring More Colour To The F1 Grid

This year you’d be excused for thinking that F1 teams got some kind of bargain on black paint with the amount of monochrome liveries that are around.

StardustSR has gone about redesigning the entire 2016 F1 grid and while it’s unlikely that modern day F1 liveries will ever look this cool, hey, we can dream right?


Ferrari“Getting rid of the white and bringing back the all-black (bare carbon fibre) wings of the 80’s and 90’s. UPS logo is now outlined in white for a more pleasing look.”

Force India

Force India“No idea why they’ve chosen to go with silver since 2014 but I do like the black/orange combo. Changed the silver to white and added green to represent the Indian flag all over the car.”


Haas“Metallic gun metal instead of silver makes the red bits stand out more in contrast while still being their grey-red-black corporate colours. While the flag is backwards, they have it like that in the real car as they do on the Space Shuttle, airplanes and whatnot.”


Manor“Sadly almost no sponsors but the deep metallic blue and fluorescent red could be eye-catching.”


McLaren“Very sad to see them this far down, maybe a bit sadder that they seem to not even be trying at all with how the car looks. This is a mix of the 60’s Honda and 80’s-90’s McLaren colours.”


Mercedes“I do not like the teal color at all and they seem to keep using it more and more so I changed it to a combination of dark metallic gun metal and black. Number font and mirrors are a homage to the Group C 1989-1990 C9 and C11 cars.”

Red Bull

Red Bull“Red Bull’s 2016 livery might be the best out there. I love it but still tried some changes with the outlined Bull and letters in fluorescent red. Matte finish as the original one.”


Renault“At this point, we’ve only seen their testing livery so I added a bunch of yellow and white plus their classic stripes while maintaining the black background. Red and Blue (alternate version below) on the nose are a call back to the Prost, Arnoux, Jabouille days.”


Sauber“Being honest, the real one is pretty bad with non-existent design but with bright eye-catching colors. Instead of a just yellow patch on the side pod, I tried to bring a bit more life to it.”

Toro Rosso

Toro Rosso“So, obviously I went in a completely different direction on this one as opposed to the rest. While the painted on Bull does look cool, it’s been the same from the beginning and nowadays I find it rather boring. Perhaps Red Bull could use STR to promote their other products like this “Blue Edition” or Cola or whatever.”


Williams“I do like their take on a classic livery but it seems a little bare so I added a bit more of those gorgeous Martini stripes.”

Bonus Orange McLaren

Orange McLaren

“Because why not. Could have been used at least during winter testing but I wouldn’t mind at all seeing these colours racing the entire season.”

Thanks to StardustSR for letting us share his awesome designs, you can see more on his Instagram here.

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