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Here’s What F1 Cars Could Look Like In 2017

In 2017 Formula One is set for a big shake up in the hope to make F1 cars more powerful, a lot sexier and a hell of a lot faster.

In the latest version of F1 Racing magazine, automotive designer Marco Van Overbeeke has created a photo-realistic impression of how a 2017 Formula One car could look based on two proposed concepts.

While both concepts are redesigns of the current Mercedes car, the first concept is actually based on a 2017 proposal from Red Bull, with a wide front wing and slanted rear wings.

The second design is based on the proposal by the FIA, which looks a lot more like the current-gen F1 cars but with a few more subtle changes.

So which design do you prefer, and would you like to see any of these concepts become a reality?

Big thanks to Marco for letting us share his work!

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