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If F1 Cars Look Like This In The Future Then We’re OK With That

OK, so it’s highly unlikely Formula 1 cars will look this awesome in the future but we can at least dream right? This is the Bugatti 101P, a 2020 F1 concept car from Sean Bull and one seriously good looking concept car at that.

It looks so good in fact that there wouldn’t be so much hatred towards the cockpit protection, unlike the ugly halo design that’s likely to be introduced into the sport before too long.






It’s the perfect mix of old and new, with old-school wide tyres (already coming to F1 next year) but an overall futuristic look… plus it looks like of like a cross between an F1 car and the batmobile and it doesn’t get much more awesome than that.

Another mix of the old and new is Sean’s dream of how the regulations would be. This 101P concept has a heavy preference on aesthetics and mechanical grip, more specifically ground effects, an F1 innovation that made the cars incredibly exciting to drive and crazy fast.

The power unit meanwhile is a nod to the ‘Tesla Turbine’ patented by Nikola Tesla back in 1913 which would make the whole thing extremely efficient, which is the way motorsport is going these days.

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OK, so is this what Formula 1 looks like yet? Nope? OK what about now… Now?

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