As the motorsport world begrudgingly begins to accept that the Halo is a thing that’s happening in single-seaters, F1 bosses finally seem to have realised that it has a major flaw.

Nope, not that fact that it’s hideous and a huge number of people hate it – apparently they think the name ‘Halo’ sounds a bit naff, and they want to change it. Fantastic! Everything is solved!

The proposal to change the name is going to be put forward at the next F1 strategy group meeting. According to, a person high-up in the world of F1 said:

“We’re supposed to be a gladiatorial sport, and then we give the device an angelic name. We have various options [for a new name], but it could be something like ‘safety cage’.”

Ah yes, because nothing conjures up images of gladiators and bravery like the word ‘safety’, does it?

Even if they could come up with a really cool name (‘ultimate debris thrusting device’ perhaps?) it’s not going change the fact that people hate it, is it?

After all, if things worked that way, Sochi would have been renamed Spa years ago…