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BBC Says Goodbye To F1 As Channel 4 Takes Over

It had become a matter of when not if BBC would ditch their Formula One coverage as they seek to cost cuts, well today it finally happened.

Many expected ITV to take over the UK’s terrestrial TV coverage, particularly when they brought the ITV F1 Twitter account back to life. Instead though, it was Channel 4 that snapped up the coverage and, like the BBC, will show 10 live races and highlights from 2016-2018.

“I am sorry that the BBC could not comply with their contract but I am happy that we now have a broadcaster that can broadcast Formula One events without commercial intervals during the race,” said Bernie Ecclestone.

“I am confident that Channel 4 will achieve not only how the BBC carried out the broadcast in the past but also with a new approach as the World and Formula One have moved on.”

Yes, you read that correctly. Unlike the ITV coverage from a few years back, Channel 4’s coverage of Formula One will not feature mid-race ad breaks. Huzzah!

Jay Hunt, Channel 4 Chief Creative Officer said: “Channel 4 and Formula One are the perfect partnership. We’ve the same appetite for innovation and we’ll be demonstrating that to fans by becoming the first free-to-air commercial broadcaster to show the races ad free.”

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