The Monaco GP may not be the most action-packed Formula 1 race in terms of overtaking and on-track battles, but it’s certainly an exciting one to watch.

People in the grandstands get a much closer view, but the TV camera angles and shots are also incredible – showcasing just how close the drivers get to the walls and barriers.

During FP1, we witnessed some stunning slow-motion shots of drivers tackling the Turn 15/16 chicane (the second part of the Swimming Pool section).

Both Ferrari drivers, Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen, even managed to brush the inside barrier – as did Force India’s Sergio Perez, too.

In 2015, the barrier was moved back at the left-hand section of the corner and last year the kerb was removed to allow cars to run right up to the wall.

Reddit user TEAMLH_44-P1 shared a series of short clips from FP1, showing the drivers getting a little too close for comfort to the unforgiving Monaco barriers.

It makes for epic viewing! More of the same for the rest of the weekend, please.