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F1 Drivers Have Concerns Over A New Part Of The 2022 Cars

It’s no secret that we’re wheel-y excited to see the 2022 cars in action. However, with many changes thanks to new regulations, teams and drivers were bound to encounter a few problems here and there.

Something different for this season is the larger 18-inch tyres. Pirelli’s decision to swap from 13-inch wheels to 18-inch, and the return of wheel covers, has fans hoping they’ll improve on-track battles as they should be less prone to overheating.

However, three drivers have already discovered they could be in trouble this season – they can’t see the track!

“Visibility is kind of a bitch with this tyre, you can’t see much,” Lance Stroll said, as quoted by Motor Sport Magazine.

“So I expect it to be pretty tough to see where you’re going. That’s going to be very different – visually – from inside the cockpit.

“It’s a good thing I’m in my sixth season, and I’ve memorised a lot of the tracks because if this was my first season, man, it wouldn’t be easy!”

He’s not the only one struggling to see. Reigning champion Max Verstappen might end up having a hard time defending his title if he can’t spot his braking points.

“For me actually, the biggest thing is just the view in the cockpit with these big tyres. To hit an apex in some tight corners is a bit more difficult,” Max noted.

Other street circuits, such as Singapore or Monaco, might be “extremely different” according to Lando Norris, who told RaceFans that the FIA are having to come up with innovative solutions as the tracks can’t really be altered.

“One of my friends who’s in F2 said that they have to put cones on top of the barriers in places because the barriers were lower than the new tyres that we have, and that they can’t actually see where the barrier is, because the car looks higher than the barriers,” Lando added.

Guess they’ll be all tyre-d out by the end of the season then… we’ll see ourselves out. 

What do you think of the 18-inch tyres? Let us know in the comments below. 

18 thoughts on “F1 Drivers Have Concerns Over A New Part Of The 2022 Cars

  • Fail.I.A wanted to be more relevant 2 road cars but road tyre tech is alr pretty good. Bring back lighter cars with smaller wheels, achieving the closer racing intended.

  • Bigger (heavier) wheels will have a lot more momentum if they do break free in a crash… And will be more likely to bounce higher.. Hope there’s no incidents though, especially into other cars, marshals, or the crowds.

    • Don’t the tires in F1 have to be tethered to the car so they don’t get thrown away from the car in most situations. I know IndyCar wheels are tethered, but in damn violent crashes the tethers sometimes breaks and the tire goes airborne. It’s not perfect, but it helps.

  • If they can’t see that’s a problem, but as for tires there’s no guarantee there. Pirelli is taking a flyer on their 1 pit idea on unproven rubber!

  • The knew the tyre diameter a long time ago, so they ought to either sit higher or stop dripping and get on with their jobs.

  • Alex Maverick says:

    [“…with these big tyres. To hit an apex in some tight corners is a bit more difficult,” Max noted”]
    “To hit Lewis is never a problem, or other drivers, I have plenty of experience”… Max thought to himself. Well he’s blatantly a Narcissist so would likely say it out loud anyway.

  • This change was long overdue, the cars looked ridiculous bouncing around on those big wobbly baloon tyres, they were like something from an overgrown quad bike.

  • Driver isibility is very important especially for close racing, seems like they would have taken this into account and improved rather than reduced it. We shall see?! pun intended

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