Formula One technology is apparently helping supermarket fridges become more energy efficient. In a press release from Williams, that definitely isn’t just an advert for Sainsbury’s, the F1 team revealed that their Aerofoil Energy tech is significantly reducing the energy consumed by refrigerators in supermarkets and convenience stores.

John Skelton, Head of Refrigeration at Sainsbury’s PLC, said; “‘We’re proud to be giving our fridges a turbo boost with this fantastic aerodynamic technology. Aerofoils help the airflow around Formula One cars and can improve their performance – and that’s exactly how they help the fridges in our stores, by keeping the cold air in. This Formula One inspired innovation has already shown it can cut carbon produced by major refrigerators.”

Just think of that next time you pop down the shops for some milk. I just want to know when supermarket trolleys are getting DRS.