F1’s V6 Turbos Will Be Staying Until At Least 2020 – WTF1

F1’s V6 Turbos Will Be Staying Until At Least 2020

It’s fair to say that the new V6 turbo engines introduced at the start of 2014 weren’t exactly welcomed with open arms by everyone. Well it’s time to get used to them, as the teams have agreed to keep them for the significant future.

In the hope of cutting costs it’s expected that V6 turbos will stay until at least 2020, so you can throw away those earplugs now!

With all the recent quit threats and financially struggles it hopes so consistency in the regulations might help F1 at least maintain its 20 car grid for the future.

Recent news also suggests that the “radical” 2017 changes are hardly going to be that different to what we have currently. There’s even talk that the cars (which were meant to look super bad-ass and make F1 sexy again) might even turn out pretty damn ugly due to the rules being heavily diluted.

So hopefully you’re enjoying F1 the way it is as it looks like it’s here to stay!

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