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F1 Introduce Features To Help Fans Feel Safer At The French Grand Prix

As lovers of F1, it was certainly upsetting to see many reports of fans receiving harassment or abuse at the previous round in Austria. F1 shared a statement at the time, and now in France there’ll be better measures to help hopefully prevent such disgusting behaviour.

At Paul Ricard this weekend, it’s been reported by The Race that F1 have pushed the circuit’s promoters to do more to make it a safer environment for fans.

There’s expected to be more security on site which will be present in areas with spectators. They will also be able to kick fans out of the venue if they’re found to be participating in abhorrent behaviour.

There will also be SOS assistance phone lines around the track operated by trained security officers and hopefully encouraging fans to report any abuse. These are understood to be part of an immediate reaction from F1, as are big screens which remind fans to “respect each other”.

Several drivers and team bosses spoke out over the Austrian GP weekend about the ongoing situation, with Toto Wolff saying that the evil individuals responsible for the abuse should “fuck off”. Sebastian Vettel also took on a similar stance, believing those guilty of the behaviour should be banned for life from race circuits.

Do you think F1 is doing enough?

4 thoughts on “F1 Introduce Features To Help Fans Feel Safer At The French Grand Prix

  • Dr Prometheus says:

    And we all forget the great acting of the 2 (“assaulted”) individuals who visited Mercedes?

    • ฬ๏ยtєг says:

      If you’re trying to hide from the truth behind one incident, at least get your facts straight. The 2 women in question were not assaulted, but claimed to have been verbally abused for walking hand in hand. They were then invited into the paddock by Aston Martin (not Mercedes).

      Yes, it’s appalling that they actually planned this, but the only reason they succeeded is because there are actually people obliging them by throwing out homophobic abuse.

      And even if the whole story had all been made up, there were plenty of other incidents that warrant this behavior to be brought to attention. Unfortunately it still happens at almost all large festival like gatherings, especially those with alcohol involved (which is not an excuse) and a rowdy atmosphere. I’ve been to over 40 festivals and even if 99.9% of the time it’s amazing, I have witnessed verbal abuse and girls getting harassed both verbally and physically.

      Thing to do in such a case is to band together with the decent majority of people around you (we usually go in a pretty large group, which makes it easier), form a protective circle around a victim, film and call out the perps/pervs and if necessary call security.

      • Shokrani Shokran says:

        At Austria it was only “reported”. I am not denying it didn’t happen at all because it happens unfortunately everywhere a large crowd gathers and alcohol is involved.

        But given that the Austrian police spoke about a calm and peaceful weekend and that they couldn’t identify themselves with the view as created by the media and that the only 2 girls who were found that were supposedly harassed made the entire story up this whole saga gives me an eery feeling.

        • ฬ๏ยtєг says:

          Well yes, because with 100.000 people attending, even if it’s 100 people truly misbehaving, it’s still only 0.1%. There’s also different levels of misbehavior and people going along with boorish behavior of others who would normally not do so by themselves. It would be nice though if crowds would do more in the sense of self-control, considering the mass of people is decent and big enough to correct the misbehaving idiots.

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