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You Can Actually Buy iPod Docks Made From F1 Exhausts

Always wanted your iPod dock to feature the intricate design and flair of a Formula 1 car? Well, if so, this is definitely the one for you…

In all seriousness, this is a pretty cool product and it’s awesome to see unused F1 parts being utilised in such a creative and fun way.


This is an iXOOST “OTTO” sound system, which comes in two varieties – one using a 2011 Virgin MVR-02 exhaust and the other with a 2012 Marussia MR01 exhaust.

It’s kind of funny, using something that helps amplify the sound of a F1 engine to do the same thing, but with the music on your iPod.

The sound systems are hand crafted in Italy and use genuine race-used exhaust systems from recent F1 backmarkers, the MVR-02 and MR01 – both powered by Cosworth V8 engines.

Apparently the acoustics of the F1 exhausts make for brilliant sound systems for your homes, featuring an Apple iPod dock and an external Bluetooth connection.

But of course, a sound system featuring a unique and genuine F1 car exhaust comes at a price. Both are for sale on the Memento Exclusives website for £8,900. So not cheap at all.

If you have almost £9,000 to spend on a sound system though and are a huge F1 fan, this is surely a must-buy.

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