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F1 Agrees To Do What’s Best For Fans And Not The Money

Fed up with all the negative press, Formula One chiefs have met up and finally agreed to sort things out and get the sport back on track. Bernie Ecclestone, Jean Todt and F1’s Team Principals all agreed they’d start making decisions that made F1 better for the fans and not just for themselves during a meeting on April 1st.

“I’m just so bloody rich already and I thought to myself, maybe I’m too rich,” the 85-year-old revealed in a video on YouTube before FOM took it down for copyright infringement. “Perhaps at my age it’s time to stop thinking about money, and make the sport that made me so rich better for everyone.”

During the controversial video Ecclestone admitted he’d fund classic circuits like Monza himself as it was basically “pocket change” for him.

Furthermore, F1 appears to be taking a U-turn on its decision to kill off its coverage on free-to-air television after Ecclestone read back his own comments from a few years ago saying a deal with Sky “would be suicidal” for the sport.

It’s not just the F1 supremo though that’s had a change of heart, as the F1 Team Principals have agreed that ever since they got involved with the sport’s decision making everything has just become a complete indecisive mess.

“I’m glad we’ve finally got together and sorted all this out #TimeForChange,” Christian Horner tweeted on his account before it was removed by FOM for having the word F1 in the username.

I for one am looking forward to seeing things change for the better, finally F1 is back on track…

F1 thinking about the fans? Just kidding, April Fools!

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