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F1 Legend Agrees That Toto Wolff Is Too Powerful In F1

Not only is Toto Wolff about seven feet tall and intimidating af, but he’s also one of the most powerful figures on the F1 grid and the mind behind one of the most successful teams in F1’s history. But is he too powerful?

Well, Mario Andretti definitely thinks so.

Since entering the championship with Williams, it seems Wolff has tried his absolute best to get every impressive F1 job title on his LinkedIn page including CEO, Team Principal, driver manager and even team shareholder. Honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me if he also revealed himself to be Batman at this point…

However, what all those fancy titles coupled with Mercedes’ level of success and the number of teams it supplies engines to actually means is that Wolff has a LOT of influence over what goes on in an F1 paddock, and that doesn’t sit right with Andretti.

The former F1 champ has already butt heads with Wolff before, after the Mercedes CEO suggested that Andretti’s bid to add an eleventh team to the grid as early as 2024 “cannot increase the overall value of Formula 1″.

However, Andretti has now clapped back at Wolff, responding to a tweet that suggested Wolff has become too much of a powerful figure in F1.

Do you think Andretti is right? Has Wolff become too powerful in F1?




7 thoughts on “F1 Legend Agrees That Toto Wolff Is Too Powerful In F1

  • I think Wolff should let Andretti be part of F1. I think it would bring in a lot of American crowd and Andretti is such a huge name.

    • Why should Toto let Andretti be a part of F1? He should not have a say in who is going to take part in Formula 1.

      • The problem is that Toto has to much influence and doesn’t want the income pool from F1 to be split amongst any new entrants.

        • ฬ๏ยtєг says:

          Then FOM and F1 should just increase the income pool by 10%. It’s not like they don’t make a crapload of money of the ever increasing popularity. To add another team in the mix costs about 50 to 60 million. You could even argue to take that out of the 90M bonus Ferrari gets every year just for being in F1 the longest. knock that down to 30M and you have your money for an extra team.

      • Tjidde Nieuwenhuizen says:

        Why does Toto or any other team principal even have to power to hold back a new team. It should be F1/FIA that can sign a document you are now a F1 team. Have fun good luck, don’t crash on your first race please.

  • It’s not just Toto who is skeptical about Andretti’s entry its also other non-Mercedes customer teams. None of the teams what their share to be diluted.

  • Ajay Braenswerdsyn says:

    All the team bosses have too much power in F1. But especially those tied to manufacturers who have conflicts of interest across the spectrum.

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