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F1 Looks Set To Be Adding A Third US Race To The Calendar Next Season

F1’s set to be moving one step closer to cracking America. With Austin already a staple on the calendar and Miami set to make its long-awaited debut this season, it looks as though a third race in the USA could be joining them as early as next year.

As part of their big American dream, owners Liberty Media have been looking at ways to increase the sport’s popularity across the pond. Netflix’s Drive To Survive and more TV coverage have seen a boom in American fans, and the bosses are set to capitalise on this.

According to the Sports Business Journal, talks are ongoing between F1 and the city’s officials to bring the sport to the world-famous Las Vegas Strip.

These talks are reportedly well underway, with F1 execs having visited the city several times in recent months to assess how suitable it would be to host a race there. It’s being suggested that the track could pass by the iconic dancing fountains as drivers battle their way down a mile of the strip.

F1 has yet to comment on this, but rumours suggest that they could add the race in 2023 or 2024, and its official announcement to the calendar could be made as soon as the first half of this season!

F1’s no stranger to Sin City. The Caesars Palace Grand Prix featured on the calendar back in 1981 and 1982, before being abandoned due to low popularity.

Guess we better get ready for Viva Las Vegas!

Would you like to see a third race in the USA? Let us know in the comments below.

One thought on “F1 Looks Set To Be Adding A Third US Race To The Calendar Next Season

  • 1st. Hannah, Thank you being the first journalist (I’ve seen) to actually acknowledging the fact Liberty Media owns F1. There seems to be some ‘issue’ with journalist and TV pundits not pointing out ALL the issues arising since Liberty Media’s ownership.
    I will be the 1st to acknowledge Liberty Media has done a fantastic job bringing no commercial f1 racing to TV. Highlighting the great product F1 can be. The down side they are turning F1 into Entertainment format not a racing format.
    As long time fan/follower of F1, I’m not at all interested in following F1 this coming season. 1/2 way through 2021 I stated was going to put an * asterisk for the season. The gimmick Sprint (race or qualifying?) points, year long questionable ruling issues, cost caps, new parking lot circuits, 23 races+, NASCAR racing mentality, etc.
    So Hannah my question to you is next time you get a press release form Liberty Media, do you have the opportunity to ask a question? Why race Vegas not a ‘Real’ American race course? Many race fans don’t like street(parking lot auto cross) courses why keep adding? No racing in Vegas, F1, Indy, etc., has ever been long term success, why add Vegas? Or do you just have to amend the press release from Liberty Media…?
    I hope you continue to highlight the real owners of F1, Liberty Media, when covering F1 changes they are bringing to a one great racing format. Now the question is…what is the pinnacle of racing now that F1 is no longer going to that direction?
    Signed Pissed American yank

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