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F1 Might Bring Back A Tweaked Elimination Qualifying Format

In news that literally made me shout “what the actual fuck?” at my computer screen, elimination qualifying might not be dead and buried after all.

It’s hard to explain just how ridiculous this whole situation is so here’s a quick step-by-step guide to what has gone on with elimination qualifying so far…

F1 Teams vote in favour of the new elimination qualifying format for 2016
Bernie said they wouldn’t be able to do elimination qualifying until the Spanish Grand Prix
 Elimination qualifying said to run in Melbourne for Q1 and Q2 but Q3 stays as the standard format
Full elimination qualifying gets the go-ahead for Melbourne
Drivers and teams tell the FIA elimination qualifying won’t work but they go ahead and do it anyway
Elimination qualifying is run in Melbourne and it’s even worse than anyone could have ever imagined
Drivers and teams speak out about how rubbish elimination qualifying is
Teams call a meeting and agree to ditch elimination qualifying for the next race in Bahrain
Reports say elimination qualifying won’t be dropped and instead tweaked

Taken that all in? Not hard to see why the GPDA are calling for changes to the way Formula One is run is it?

So what is this new elimination qualifying all about?

Well reports suggest that we might go back to that third bullet point, where Q1 and Q2 are run in the elimination format while Q3 reverts back to the standard format, in the hope we won’t see a repeat of what happened in the Australian Grand Prix.

Right, I’m going for a lie down.

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