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F1 Suggests Another New Qualifying Format To Use In 2016

‘F1 fails to agree on…’ is pretty much how every F1 story begins these days and this one is no different. F1 have failed to agree on a new qualifying format following a meeting in Bahrain but they have at least made a number of suggestions.

Bernie Ecclestone and Jean Todt are backing a new ‘aggregate qualifying’ system which will see the drivers have their two best times added together, a little bit ironic as the last time a major change to qualifying was made was in 2005, to get rid of the then aggregate qualifying system!

The teams (like the fans) were keen on just returning to the 2015 system (you know, the one that was absolutely fine and no one complained about) but it seems like the only thing that was decided during the meeting is that Formula One will not revert back to the 2015 qualifying format.

“There is an unwillingness from the promoter and the FIA to go back to 2015. The teams would go back. A compromise has been put on the table now for the teams to consider,” said Red Bull boss Christian Horner.

“Let’s have a look at what’s been out on the table today. The bottom line is if we don’t agree to a compromise, then we’re stuck with what we’ve got and everybody agrees that what we’ve got isn’t right.”

And the most ridiculous thing is the only reason we’re ‘stuck’ in this mess is because they tried to fix the part of F1 that wasn’t broken.

A decision on what on earth qualifying will end up being is said to be announced on Thursday, all though it’s anyone’s guess how many times it will change between now and Shanghai.

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