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F1 Personalities Share How They Think Abusive Fans Should Be Punished

The Austrian Grand Prix was a weird one. Whilst there were plenty of good things going on on track, the dark side of the F1 fanbase once again showed its face. 

However, whilst we can contain them to Twitter for the majority of the year, it seems a few of them slipped through the cracks at the Austrian Grand Prix.

Many harassment horror stories were popping up on social media over the weekend, but whilst F1 released a statement warning harassers to stop, some drivers and team principals had other ideas…



Speaking to media, including The Race, Norris said, “I think the first thing that can be done is if you get caught doing it, maybe you get a one-year ban from coming to the races or something like that.”

“You never want that side of it to be happening, especially when fans are pretty much the main reason the whole sport goes along and what happens every weekend.”

“If someone says something bad, just kick them out for a while.”



“Horrible, isn’t it? I think it’s good that this stuff comes out, that’s a start, but it’s horrible,” Vettel told media, including The Race. “Whoever these people are, they should be ashamed of themselves, and they should be banned from racing events for their lives.

“I think there should be zero tolerance. If people have a good time and drink too much, that’s OK, but it doesn’t justify or excuse wrong behaviour. We race as one, so the fans are a part of that.”



Short and simple. I like it.

“If you are a real Formula 1 fan, whatever team, whatever driver, you can’t be a racist and you can’t be homophobic, you can’t be sexist because you don’t fit to F1, and we don’t want you,” Wolff said.

“On the other side, we need to be careful that there are a few drunk dumbasses out there that haven’t comprehended how the world goes today. We shouldn’t condemn the 99.9% of fans that come here.

“There is always going to be these idiots around, I hope we provided a good show for the rest.

“You need to report them to the security if you can, and read my sentence – ‘we don’t want you, fuck off.”

We’re with Toto on this one! What do you think is the best punishment for abusive fans?

8 thoughts on “F1 Personalities Share How They Think Abusive Fans Should Be Punished

  • F1 is in danger of ending up with toxic fans like Football’s long problem of football hooligans if they don’t go zero tolerance and properly enforce bans on bad behaviour immediately. It’s taken football decades to come back from the hooligan problem and make it so that families can actually go to games and there are still certain teams and matches that always end up with fights and riots. I don’t want to see that happening in F1.

    Seb’s right. (as is Toto). Lifetime ban for anyone who’s caught harassing anyone at an event (fans, officials or staff) and properly enforce it using the tons of video footage taken at the races. Also enforce the ban on flares properly while they’re at it before they cause a crash or a grandstand fire.

  • ฬ๏ยtєг says:

    I agree with Norris. It kinda depends on what they have done though. If it’s cat calling or making sexist, homophobic or even racial remarks, I think it should be a 1 to 3 year ban. Give people a chance to reflect, learn and do better. If they then make the same mistake again, I life long ban can be implemented.

    If it’s physical or sexual assault then it should be an immediate life long ban as well as criminal prosecution.

      • Roxanne Lyson says:

        Examples? Okay.

        Sexually harassing his female assistant in Germany.

        MonacoGP team boss press conference a few years ago where he announced grid girls weren’t sexist.

        The video of him walking through the pitlane with a scowl on his face not acknowledging a single crew member until he saw a female AR crew member. Then he was all grabby hands.

  • Jeffery Males says:

    Alcohol brings out the true nature of people, when they get drunk. If they’re Abusive when drunk, then it’s in their nature. But I suppose that if alcohol wasn’t permitted @ the races, you wouldn’t get as many fans goin there. (I has an Acquired Brain Impairment, so I can’t drink). If they’re compulsively Abusive, & not just a once off, (For a Bad Day), then sure, ban them from all races.

  • Both a lifetime ban for the individuals, AND they should hold the venues accountable. Zero tolerance for this crap. Should also get rid of dedicated sections, i.e. the Max Verstappen grand stand, etc. in an attempt to stop the mob mentality. Get the fans more mixed up, they’re less likely to cheer with Hamilton crashes if they’re next to a Hamilton fan.

    Example: since this seems to be worst at the Austrian GP every year (not saying it doesn’t happen elsewhere, it’s just worst there), if the people running that GP / owners of the venue / etc. don’t take steps to enhance security, actually offenders out, etc. then the Austrian GP the following year doesn’t exist, and instead we go back to Portimao for a Portuguese GP, or Hockenheim, or any number of other tracks.

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