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F1 Teams Vote For Crazy New Elimination Qualifying

Formula One qualifying has always had a problem with cars sitting in the garage for most of the session and only coming out for the final few minutes to set a lap. Now though, teams have voted for a radical new qualifying format that could see all the drivers frantically setting lap times.

The three qualifying sessions would still remain but every 90 seconds, the driver with the slowest lap time will get eliminated.

During the 16 minute Q1 session, the first driver will be eliminated after seven minutes with the slowest driver getting eliminated every 90 seconds until the chequered flag.

After six minutes of a 15 minute Q2 session, drivers will once again be eliminated every minute-and-a-half until 8 drivers remain for Q3.

Still following?

OK, so for the 14 minute Q3 session, drivers will start getting eliminated after 5 minutes and then every 90 seconds again. Two drivers will be left in the final minute-and-a-half (probably both Mercedes‘) and the fastest will be on pole position.

The new format hasn’t been official confirmed yet but reports say the changes could come in as early as this year.

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