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F1 Releases Statement After Fans Report Harassment At Austrian Grand Prix

Whilst an F1 Grand Prix is supposed to be a happy and fun occasion for those in attendance, some fans at the Austrian Grand Prix have been subjected to some truly horrible comments. 

A Twitter thread that recently went viral has displayed the full extent of the problem, with lots of fans, particularly women, being the target of sexist and homophobic remarks.

One woman reported “fighting off a panic attack” as she walked to the exit after Saturday’s Sprint Race due to some of the comments being shouted at her.

The issue even extends past fans, with women working at the circuit also reporting being subjected to harassment.

F1 has released the following statement:

And the FIA has come out in support of the above statement, saying: “We fully support Formula 1’s message and believe that Formula 1 events should be a safe and accepting environment for everyone.”

Security at the Austrian Grand Prix has been notified of these incidences, with the FIA pledging to support in any way they can.

Lewis Hamilton has been one of the first drivers to speak out on Instagram, encouraging fans to report any harassment to the circuit security.



For anyone who is feeling alone or has been subjected to this kind of behaviour, there has been a group chat created on the @gridclique Instagram account to help people stick together.

The WTF1 community stands by F1 in condemning any type of discriminatory behaviour. 

13 thoughts on “F1 Releases Statement After Fans Report Harassment At Austrian Grand Prix

  • These are not F1 fans. These “fans” don’t know anything about F1 and are just there for the drinking. These are often the dumb lower-class people that just visit the Austrian gp as an excuse for getting totally wasted even on a Friday morning before anything has even started. Will be tough to prevent it but F1 please do something about it

    • With respect, you don’t know who all of these people are. Some of them could well be hardcore fans. Let’s face it, plenty of “real” fans have been demonstrably racist in the past at certain races. I don’t want to trivialise their behaviour on the basis that they are not “F1 fans”.

    • Why does it have to be dumb lower class people? Why can’t it be some rich douche bag kids or even oldies? Why not corporate managers who are just bullies?

    • u think working class people have money to spare and afford a ticket to a grand prix when they’re struggling to even pay the bills? it’s often the snarky upper-middle/upper class people with their bloated sense of entitlement who goes around acting like they own everything and every person they see.

  • ฬ๏ยtєг says:

    Disgusting behavior. All decent fans should band together to call out these Pervs and idiots, provide safety for those who get harassed, film the perpetrators and report them to security so they can be banned for life from all FIA events!

    • Banned for life from all FIA events? That’s all? Why not let the law take over and they be arrested for a minimum sentence!

      • Kenny Phillips says:

        In many cases, it’s not illegal to be a boor. Heck, we even elected one as president. A civil penalty—complete and permanent ban—is appropriate.

        • Yes we did…the guy who regularly and repeatedly forced his barely teenage daughter to take showers with him, causing her to have a skewed on unhealthy perception of acceptable intimate behavior as she explained in her diary, sure is a horrible man, isn’t he?

      • ฬ๏ยtєг says:

        Well yes, when there is sexual harassment or physical violence involved criminal charges should be pressed. That goes without saying. I’m merely stating what the FIA in cooperation with all F1 and other parties can do besides that, as well as the fans themselves.

  • As much as I love F1, people like this are never call themselves a true F1 fan, we should respect all the drivers, team, and their former, regardless if they win or lose. Its disrespectful to see people behave so haughty in this community, especially towards the driver or team harassing them on social media, even if they haven’t done anything wrong to them.

  • MrTimmsy1986 says:

    This would never have happened if Max Vercrappen hadn’t have cheated to get the title last year.

    • BassAckwards024 says:

      Hats off to the stupidest comment here. Grow the hell up and stop letting Max live in your head for free….. you are entitled to your opinion, no matter how dumb and misguided it is, just keep it to yourself, because it makes you sound ignorant.

  • IWouldDoubtIt says:

    But ‘everyone’ wanted to keep the grid girls and ‘no one’ had issues with the statements that were made about them. People are so woke lately.

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