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UK Fans Won’t Get To Watch A Single Race On Free-To-Air TV From 2019

So the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association just released an open letter to Formula One asking them to think more about the future of the sport. Well now F1 have responded… by announcing that UK fans won’t be able to watch ANY races live on free-to-air TV from 2019.

Well that’s just great.

It comes with the news that Sky have announced a deal to broadcast Formula One every single live race exclusively from 2019, killing off live free-to-air F1 in the UK all together.

The deal will see Sky Sports broadcast every live race exclusively from 2019 until 2024. So yeah, don’t get used to the new Channel 4 F1 coverage will you…

“I am delighted that we will continue to work together,” said Bernie Ecclestone. “Sky’s commitment to the Sport and standard of coverage is second to none.”

Those lucky enough to have Sky TV will also be delighted to hear that the channel are set to start showing Ultra HD coverage of races starting next year.

EDIT: Apparently the British Grand Prix will continue to be shown live on free-to-air TV in the UK as an exception.

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