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F1 TV Are Offering 25% Off An Annual Subscription This Week

For many motorsport fans around the world, the F1TV app has been an absolute lifesaver. From incredible motorsport documentaries, exclusive live timing during races and all the archive footage you could ever need, it’s been an essential app for any F1 fan. 

In 2021, the app has had an upgrade and is now available in more territories than ever before!

With F1 being such a fast-pace sport, being able to capture every small detail is super important which is why the app is now using enhanced technology to focus on the performance and quality for the user.

F1 TV also offers F1 fans over 2000 hours of footage and exclusive documentaries, as well as coverage of EVERY SINGLE Grand Prix in the last FIVE decades. Incredible scenes! 

If you’re also the kind of fan who watches F1 with all their laptop, tablets or mobile devices open to follow driver trackers or get the latest data, new improvements from F1 TV will make your life so much easier. The new interface means you can easily switch between F1 TV’s multiple additional streams: Pit Lane Channel, Data Channel, Driver Tracker and On-board Cameras.

There are two plans available for F1 TV depending on your location. For UK fans, the streaming of races live is not possible, but there are still wonderful features and bonuses as part of the ‘Access’ subscription, including everything listed above. 

To celebrate the fact F1 pre-season testing returns this week, F1 TV are offering fans 25% off an Annual Subscription. Your special code is only valid until midnight on March 14 2021, so you’ve got to be quick about it! 

To redeem this incredible offer, visit this link and enter promo code F1TV25 at checkout. 

Please note that the plan must be associated with your resident country and the country you are in at time of subscribing.

10 thoughts on “F1 TV Are Offering 25% Off An Annual Subscription This Week

  • Steven Bremer says:

    When will they release an app for the Roku, FireTV, Apple TV, GoogleTV? ANY Streaming device that connects to your TV. Come on man!!!


    I dont get any discount when applying the code, am i wrong when applying it to the voucher code field?

      • ARVID DISTNER says:

        It all worked out luckily, you couldn’t see the discount until proceeding with the purchase, thank you for answering though! Can’t believe someone I’ve been watching and listening to for hundreds of hours just answered hahahah

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