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F1 Won’t Be Introducing The Halo Next Year After All

In news that will no doubt please a lot of people, the less-than-flattering ‘halo‘ now seems it won’t be being introduced in 2017 after all.

The cockpit protection concept has made an appearance during a number of test sessions this year, including FP1 at Silverstone by Ferrari, but feedback from the drivers and teams hasn’t been all that positive.

Despite FIA president Jean Todt being in favour of introducing the design, the teams and Bernie Ecclestone have voted against it during an F1 Strategy Group meeting in Geneva, wishing to further improve the concept.

Earlier this year Lewis Hamilton called the halo ‘the worst looking mod in Formula 1 history’ and if you take a brief look at any F1 comments section, it appears the fans also agree with him, with most preferring Red Bull’s far better looking aeroscreen concept instead.

During the F1 Strategy Group meeting they also tinkered about with the team radio rules again but I’ll just be honest, I really just can’t be arsed with it anymore and you probably can’t either…

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