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F1 Is Speaking With Netflix After Drivers’ ‘Fake’ DTS Complaints

It’s undeniable that Drive To Survive has had a massive impact on F1, for the better or worse is up to you. Becoming a smash-hit when it first launched in 2019, it’s attracted millions of new fans, particularly in the US. 

However, not everyone is feeling the love for DTS. Fans have been outraged at what they’ve seen as fake drama and creating non-existent rivalries by using clips or radio messages out of context. Just look at Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo in Season Four 👀

Thankfully, F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali seems to be listening to fans’ complaints. He’s revealed that talks are ongoing between Netflix, the drivers and teams to ensure it cuts back on the ‘fake’ drama and doesn’t move away from reality so the whole grid feels comfortable being featured.

“It is to be understood that the dramatisation is part of the path to ignite interest, but in this sense there are themes that need to be redefined,” he told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“If a driver refuses to participate because he is not being presented as he wants, we will talk about it constructively,” the Italian added. “‘Tell us how you want to be presented and we’ll find a way’.”

“Netflix managers are already meeting with the teams, but we are on the topic of culture and language. If you want to be in touch with the US market, you have to speak that language – we need to adjust. But that does not mean upsetting us, of course.”

It’s a good idea, especially since reigning champion Max Verstappen’s absence looked really strange considering the main storyline was his intense fight with Lewis Hamilton for the 2021 title. The Red Bull driver has refused to be involved in the series since appearing in Season One, claiming that the show “faked a few rivalries which they don’t really exist”.

Although Domenicali sees the positive impact the show has had in brining in a new global audience, he’s stressed that it must continue adding value to F1, otherwise they’ll consider doing “something different in the future“.

Should Drive To Survive be scrapped? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

9 thoughts on “F1 Is Speaking With Netflix After Drivers’ ‘Fake’ DTS Complaints

  • I’m still working through season 4. I’m 4 episodes in and can already see the fakeness. I still enjoy watching the racing and behind the scenes stuff so I’ll take the fake drama with a grain of salt.

  • Well, at least they are aware that things may be getting stretched too far. I’m probably not the target audience, since I already follow the season closely, but it seems like there are enough storylines that exist IRL that we don’t need them to be manufactured.

    • Vandals Garage says:

      I think all F1 fans are the target audience. I’ve been a F1 fan since the V10 era, and I enjoy DTS. Like all reality tv, you need to assume some (much) of the drama is a construction. I figure it’s like historical dramas, where the creators take license with historical fact to make the movie more interesting. Shakespeare was no different. Knowing the season inside and out makes it easier to follow their non-consecutive timeline, I wish they’d just follow the race schedule.

  • flangeslammer says:

    every driver and team has benefitted from the series. it’s been one of the greatest marketing successes in sport over the past 10 years, has increased brand recognition for F1 and therefore the value of the product and drivers personal brands by multiples we don’t yet understand. thats all fact. it also was not created to cater to fans who know what radio messages were used during which races by simply listening to them out of context. it is not made for fans who watch free practice. i don’t understand why these simple facts about who the show is made for and the overall resounding success it has been cannot be separated by people who analyze the show after it comes out and complain that it is actually edited for the intended crowd they’re going for. if you want to listen to the radio messages in context, go buy F1tv and listen to them there. it was never created to be the thing the die hards refer to and y’all and F1 management are not so obtuse to not get that. the incessant complaining about the series by “true fans” is getting so tired. just have a little perspective.

    • DTS is a documentary / reality television. It documents real events and gives the viewer the impression that those real events are presented in a factual manner. Yet they aren’t. This has nothing to do with true fans.

      Truth has little value in modern society. It’s all fun and games until it affects you directly. And if it did, I’m sure you wouldn’t be justifying DTS the way you are.

    • Mario Rigoli says:

      Ok let’s add some perspective. I’ll make up a statement made from your words extracted from the above post. “True fans want every F1 driver to die”. Do you want your name associated with that statement? You wrote those words. Context matters.

  • DTS brought me back to F1 after a long hiatus. The first season was so good it was tough to top it. They need to keep the show but it does appear F1 needs to get more involved with the production team to tackle issues, I put that on F1 and not the DTS production team.

  • F1 is speaking with Netflix? FIRE THEM. The series Amazon did 4 years ago was 1,000 times better from a technical aspect. Get them to do something. Anyone but Nutflix.

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