F2 Drivers Crash Like They’re In An Open Lobby – WTF1

F2 Drivers Crash Like They’re In An Open Lobby

Sergio Canamasas is renowned for being erratic and causing incidents, so seeing his damaged car parked on the run-off in Hungary, it was easy to make assumptions.

However, this clash in the F2 sprint race on Sunday wasn’t actually his fault. So, we apologise for our assumptions, Sergio.

Up ahead of him, Nabil Jeffri ran wide in his Trident at Turn 4 and kept his foot in as he rejoined the track. However, he was a bit slower and this allowed Canamasas to try a move around the outside.

Canamasas gave him space on the apex as he swept past, but Jeffri didn’t even look like he turned for the corner and went right into the back of his rival.

This spun Canamasas around and the two crashed again. It literally looked like something every other player in an F1 2016 open lobby does.

Perhaps that’s where Jeffri got his inspiration…

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