A car that’s stalled on the grid at the start of a race is a scary situation for everyone involved – especially the driver who didn’t get away from the line, and the chasing pack.

During the F2 sprint race start at the Red Bull Ring, Boschung stalled his car from the front row – giving the rest of the field an F2-shaped problem to get around.

This onboard view from championship leader Charles Leclerc shows the super-quick, ridiculously fast reactions needed to get around Boschung’s slow car.

With the drivers ahead shielding the stalled car, he had to dive around it at the very last moment, getting a massive slide in the process.

It could’ve been a massive crash, if Leclerc hadn’t reacted so quickly.

Sadly, as the video above shows, Raffaele Marciello wasn’t so lucky at the back of the grid and smashed into the back of Boschung’s car.

All three drivers mentioned above ended up not finishing the race – Leclerc later clashed with his team-mate and spun, Marciello was out on lap one and Boschung kept going a bit longer.