F2 Racer Suffers Massive Crash At Eau Rouge-Raidillon

Nobuharu Matsushita lost the rear end of his ART Grand Prix car at the worst possible moment during the F2 sprint race

When the back of your car steps out through the Eau Rouge/Raidillon complex at Spa-Francorchamps, you know you’re in for a tough time.

Matsushita found that out in the Formula 2 sprint race at Spa, suffering a huge crash in the closing stages of the race. Unsurprisingly, the safety car was deployed as a result.

He was battling outside the points when the rear end snapped to the point of no return through Eau Rouge and the top of the hill at Raidillon.

The Honda-backed driver really couldn’t do anything from that point on, other than to brace for the impact. And it was a big one.

His ART car was absolutely destroyed in the collision with the barrier, but amazingly, he was quickly able to hop out of the car.

As you’d expect after such a high-speed crash, Matsushita seemed a bit winded and shocked, but thankfully he appears to be uninjured.