You’d think the FIA cancelling the Formula 3 race at Monza would have gotten the message across. Nope. Formula 3 saw yet another terrifying crash during today’s race at Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium.

When Brandon Maisano squeezed fellow driver Gustavo Menezes off the track down the high-speed Kemmel Straight, it was always going to end one way…

Unsurprisingly FIA President has since called an emergency meeting to discuss driving standards.


From Autosport:

Todt said: “We need to highlight further education to young drivers – it is something that has been done and we will do it again a bit later today.

“All the Formula 3 drivers will be asked to come to a meeting and participate, and I’m confident that if you educate them that they will take that into consideration.”


This is real life. Not Mario Kart, guys.