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Fans Are Having A Hard Time Dealing With Paul Ricard’s Stripy Run-Off Areas

Those blue and red stripes littering Paul Ricard aren’t just there to look pretty – they’re also designed to slow out-of-control cars down. The blue lines are slightly more abrasive than the regular asphalt, whilst the red ones are incredibly abrasive to the point where running onto them will probably require a driver to take on some new tyres. It was designed as an alternative to gravel traps but the idea hasn’t really taken off as most circuits have just opted for regular asphalt run-offs.

It’s left Paul Ricard with a distinctive look though, but the combination of all those stripes along with the obviously visible alternative track layouts (there are 167 of them!) is leaving viewers confused and feeling a little ill.

Watching other series race on the circuit hasn’t seemed to generate this issue before, so why now? Is it the speed of the F1 cars? Is FOM using camera angles which exaggerate the effect of the stripes?

Either way, that’s a lot of people finding it awkward to watch and you have to say – they definitely have a point.

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