Fans Were Seriously Impressed With F1's Newest Drivers - WTF1

Fans Were Seriously Impressed With F1’s Newest Drivers

F1 may have some shiny new on-screen graphics for this season, but apparently they’re still prone to going a bit wrong. In the middle of the Australian Grand Prix, we were treated to an absolute gem.

We were shown the details of a battle between two drivers that haven’t really been talked about in the build-up to this season – LASTNAME and LASTNAME.

It only flashed up for a few seconds but of course, everyone noticed it. As is tradition, in came the amusing tweets.

It’s a pity the cameras didn’t pick up more of their battle, but from the looks of things, the LASTNAMEs could end up eclipsing the Schumachers as F1’s most famous brothers. We can’t wait to see their rivalry develop over the course of the season.

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