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Fans Weren’t Happy With How The Saudi Formula E Race Ended

Formula E is back, with a double-header dual in the Saudi desert. However, the second of the two races ended in controversy after a late safety car period – yes, we’re getting flashbacks too *shudders*

With just under ten minutes left of the race, Alexander Sims, in his Mahindra, slammed into the wall on his own and brought out the yellow flags. With his car stuck on the street circuit track and not going anywhere, it was evident that this was likely going to need a safety car. 

After what felt like an unnecessarily long wait, the new Porsche safety car was deployed, and a tractor was brought out onto the circuit to help recover Sims’ car from the blind Turn 5 corner. 

Once the tractor was sent out on track, the entire field was forced to bunch up to let the recovery vehicle make its way to the Mahindra. However, the events that happened when the tractor picked up the car made several fans feel very uncomfortable.

With 40 seconds plus a lap to go, the 21 remaining cars were forced to pass the tractor on the track, with Sims’ rear-heavy car swaying about right at the height of the halo 😬 

The grid was still under safety car conditions as they began the final lap but was brought in with just three corners to go! 

In the end, it was Edoardo Mortara who took victory for Venturi, with Robin Frijns finishing in second and Lucas di Grassi nabbing third place for his new team to make it a double podium finish for the Monaco-based team. 

The new Formula E rules also meant that extra time was not applied to the race, as the safety car ended within the race’s final five minutes. 

What did you think about the way the safety car was handled? Let us know in the comments.

7 thoughts on “Fans Weren’t Happy With How The Saudi Formula E Race Ended

  • Matthew Polansky says:

    I was on the fringe of unfollowing Formula E because their broadcasting in the U.S. is a joke. After this I am done. Between all of the different controversies, the decisions of race direction, and Formula E’s blatant disregard to change anything you can’t expect fans to stick around.

    • Lol, blatant disregard to change anything? They have a totally different quali format this year for starters as everyone hated the old one. As for the SC situations you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Even the commentators thought Sims had just pulled over to do a reset so race control were obviously waiting for him to see if he could restart. Once they realised it was terminal damage they brought the SC out. I don’t see an issue with snatch vehicle being on track. I do see an issue with the way drivers these day disregard waved yellow flags and white slow vehicle flags.

  • Gareth Thomas says:

    The end of the Formula E race in Ad Diriyah was disgraceful. after Alexander Sims crashed with 8 minutes to go, Safety car was out and the race ended under Safety Car. What they should have done was red flag the race immediately after Sims crashed and restart with 3-4 laps of green flag laps.
    Hopefully, the FIA and Formula E will look at it and realised how bad this ending was for the fans. IndyCar always red flag a race under 10 laps to go to ensure a green flag finish to keep the fans happy which FIA does not do.
    The ending of the race reminds me of the 2020 Indianapolis 500 (IndyCar) and the 2021 Abu Dhabi GP (F1) where it ended badly for fans.
    This is a prime example why the FIA are incompetent on such decision making and hopefully listen to the fans in future.

  • David Creighton says:

    I’ve watched every race so far but I would never go and watch one live (I will be in Woodcote for the F1). My opinion is it is run by amateurs, far too many infringements go unpunished and are usually committed by the same drivers, whereas other drivers get punished for very minor acts, some of the circuits are too narrow, others cause “power spikes” that the driver gets punished for (the wheels are in the air so it’s not going faster), and now I have watched a car swinging dangerously close to others having to squeeze past while only 2 marshals were in attendance. Seriously Fia get in touch my son and I will be available for next season!

  • This is proof the heads of the FAI need to be punished or will they just do the same as last time throw the someone else under the bus like they have done with MASI.
    FAI need a shake up

  • Formula E has failed in several seasons lately, so I gave up watching that way I am not disappointed.

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