Fascinating Video Explores Possibility Of F1 Car Driving Upside Down

It’s always an intriguing topic to think about, but this video delves into whether it’s actually possible to drive an F1 car upside down

How cool would it be to see an F1 car driving upside down? Even if it’s just for a PR stunt or record attempt, it’d still be a very special sight.

But, there’s always the question of whether F1 cars could actually drive upside down. Is it even possible? Well, the answer, to some degree, is yes.

That’s what this brilliant, techy but easy-to-understand video from Driver 61 – run and founded by racing driver Scott Mansell (no Nigel relation, we believe) – looks into.

It not only goes over the important stuff like downforce levels, aero and what kind of driver would be brave (or crazy) enough do such a thing.

No, it even looks into whether the engine and other systems would work upside down, and it seems that – with some modification and a very specific environment to run in – an F1 car could do it.

We won’t give much more away - give the video from Driver 61 a watch and find out all the details. It makes for very interesting viewing.