Just when you thought you’d never cry for Felipe Massa more than what happened in Brazil 2008, this happens.

Massa retires at the end of the season and was taking part in his final race at Interlagos, but things didn’t go his way when he ended up crashing into the wall on lap 48.

It was a massive shame for Massa to end his home race that way but no matter, instead he got out of his car and walked down the pitlane (which was closed due his crash) to huge cheers from the crowd as he held a Brazilian flag with pride.


And if that didn’t hit you in the feels, he started crying:


And then a marshal started crying:


And then fans started crying:

Then other F1 teams came out their garages to applaud:


And then finally a hug from his wife and son:

Not sure if it was raining at Interlagos or if those were just tears.