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Alonso Could Also Miss The Chinese Grand Prix Due To Injuries

Fernando Alonso was pretty damn heroic after his huge crash at the Australian Grand Prix, when he climbed out of his car and waved to the crowd. Turns out though, he’s in much worse shape than we all initially thought.

During the FIA press conference for the Bahrain Grand Prix Alonso revealed he has a broken rib and suffered from a pneumothorax… which is a fancy word from a collapsed lung. Ouch.

“I have a broken rib and I’m in some pain so it’s not easy to sleep,” said Alonso. “I would like to sit in the car and see how is the pain in the car and enjoy driving the car. You understand this is motorsport, every time you step in the car it is a risk.

“I had a small pneumothorax on the lung, so we took the advice from the doctor to relax at home and make everything come to normal and we repeated the scan on Monday and the pneumothorax was gone, but we had some rib fractures.

“I am disappointed. We want to race, we love the sport, so when you come here and you cannot even try, it is always sad – but it is understandable.”

The McLaren driver getting sidelined means Stoffel Vandoorne will now make his F1 debut at the very track he won on his GP2 debut in 2014.

With Alonso more injured than previously thought though, he confirmed “it is not 100 percent” on whether he’ll even make the Chinese Grand Prix in a fortnight.

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