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Fernando Alonso Pretty Much Just Confirmed He’ll Race For Porsche At Le Mans

During the end-of-season WEC Gala in Bahrain a touching video was shown honouring Mark Webber, with colleagues from F1 and the World Endurance Championship paying tribute to him.

One of those people was Fernando Alonso, who dropped a massive hint about his future. you can skip to 2:06 for his comments, but the whole video is worth a watch and includes messages from Jenson Button and Daniel Ricciardo:

He said: “You’ve had a fantastic career and now all your success with Porsche. You didn’t wait for me there, it would have been nice but you’ll still be around and I will ask you many things when I join your adventure.”

“When I join your adventure”?! If that isn’t a massive hint about Fernando’s future, what is?

Rumours of Alonso joining the WEC have been swirling around for years and his desire to race at Le Mans hasn’t exactly been a secret. He waved the flag at the start of the 2014 race and was believed to have had a deal to race there for Porsche in 2015 before it was blocked by Honda.

His McLaren contract is up at the end of 2017, so could we see the double world champion quitting F1 and making a full-time switch to the WEC with Porsche in 2018? These comments certainly seem to suggest it but as is always the way in motorsport, nothing is guaranteed.

Maybe Button will be making a return to F1 in 2018 after all…

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