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Ferrari Demand Answers As They Make PROTEST Against Both Red Bulls After Monaco GP

Update: FIA Stewards dismissed this protest. Sergio Perez keeps his Monaco win and Max Verstappen retains his third-place. For more information on this developing story, click here.

Just when you thought you’d seen the end of a dramatic Monaco Grand Prix, Red Bull boss Christian Horner has revealed Ferrari are launching a protest against both Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez. 

It’s believed to be about both drivers crossing the pitlane exit during the race, which went without penalty and allowed Red Bull to secure a third  and first-place finish.

Speaking to Sky Sports after the chaotic race, Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto stated, “we believe that there was a clear breach of the regulations by the two Red Bulls going on the yellow line exiting the pits”.

Horner told media, including The Race, that “Ferrari have made a protest against Max”.

It is now understood that Perez is now also under investigation.

The rules state:

11.1) In accordance with Chapter 4 (Section 5) of Appendix L to the ISC drivers must keep to the right of the solid yellow line at the pit exit when leaving the pits and stay to the right of this line until it finishes after Turn 1.

11.2 In order to warn drivers leaving the pits that the pit exit is obstructed, two (2) yellow arrows will be illuminated, one at the pit exit and one just before Turn 1. If either of these are illuminated, drivers leaving the pits are permitted to cross the yellow line.

11.3 Except in the cases of force majeure (accepted as such by the Stewards), the crossing by any part of the car, in any direction, of the blue painted area, between the pit entry and the track, by a driver who, in the opinion of the Stewards, had committed to entering the pit lane is prohibited.

This is a breaking news story and will be updated.

45 thoughts on “Ferrari Demand Answers As They Make PROTEST Against Both Red Bulls After Monaco GP

  • Damian Poole says:

    It’s a sad day in F1 when the off trank antics are more exciting than the race itself

      • Damian Poole says:

        It was very boring.. unless you think 4 over takes on track in wet conditions was “fun”

        • number of overtakes is far from the absolute state to judge a race by. Its Americans and other people who obsess over overtakes that have been contributing to a lot of stuff that has been making f1 worse, like the current “fat” cars that ironically made overtaking worse

          • Damian Poole says:

            But over taking is the Main “exciting” source of a race.

            Watching a 10 car train where no one can over take one another isnt fun or exciting after 4 laps

            As for the fat car analogy.. that doesnt apply to Monaco, as over taking has been poor ever since.

            Case in point… 1992 Mansell Vs Senna. Mansell on fresh Tyres and Senna on the same set the hole race and with 3 laps remaining Mansell couldn’t pass..

            I put it too you, in current F1 a William’s could hold up a redbull for the hole stint.

          • Damian Poole says:

            As I said. It’s the main reason.

            No one watches F1 for the pit stops or tyre strategy.

            It’s the on track battle everyone wants to see and this is what Monaco can’t provide

          • A lot of people do watch for the pit strategy. Its not at random that f1tv has a “camera” thats just stats. Some people just watch that. Nothing wrong with having one race on the calendar thats all about driver skill on Saturday and strategy on Sunday

          • Damian Poole says:

            Hahaha your taking the piss, no one wants a F1 race based on who can change tyres the fastest!

            Monaco is dead. Fans want wheel to wheel racing not who can change the tyres the fastest and then watch no over taking!!

            And yes there is everything wrong with watching no cars over taking… if that’s what your after, go watch Rally… more driver still there!!

          • Well, Monaco is by far the most watched race if you exclude North American viewers, so people really do want to watch it

          • Damian Poole says:

            Incorrect, Bahrain Grand Prix was the most view race of 2021, and 2020 was Abu Dhabi.

            And why would you not include north America?

            Stop pulling BS out of thin air to try and suit your argument point which doesnt exists

          • Phillip Watters says:

            Really, you think it’s Americans who obsess over overtakes? I know the rest of the world likes to blame a lot of shit on America, but C’mon, give me a break!

          • Its Americans that like sports where there is lots of scoring. Translating that to motor racing, it means a lot of overtakes

  • Peter Kersbergen says:

    They had every opportunity to do this during the race, so altering the results now is just a slap in the face to every fan.

    And let’s face it, Ferrari have done enough of that already this weekend. Size 10 clown shoes over there during the race.

    • Victorinox says:

      I agree that this should’ve been handled immediately during the race. Race control was a complete joke this weekend.

      However, If there was indeed a violation of the rules, not doing anything about it would be an even bigger farce.

      • RontheRoller says:

        You could bet your last dollar that Horner would be doing the same thing and crying foul if the roles were reversed.

          • mikeorgan1955 says:

            Your right its not an if, he would be crying and stamping his foot then complaining to his spicy wife after which he will come out and demand Ferrari are banned for life or until the end of the century. Christian Horner and his little boy are the Joke of F1.

          • Jose Caride says:

            Everybody Will do that because they idea is to win at all cost. There are a lot of
            examples of f1 team owners complaining. F1 is like that.

          • Wow, someone is seriously butt hurt about Red Bull. Ive seen a lot of comments hating on teams, but this takes the cake. Almost comical lol.

    • The broadcasters saw it and mentioned it real time. If either one did cross too early, it was to cover the racing line to avoid being passed by a Ferrari. No clue why the Stewarts did not investigate as it was clear there may had been a violation by both cars. Teams cannot contact race director anymore during a race to make a complaint. Can only be done after the race. If one or both of Red Bulls did cross the line, it will be a 5 sec penalty and will drop either penalized car behind the Ferraris. Red Bull ran a brilliant strategy and it will be a shame if they loose their places but rules are rules and if roles were reverse Red Bull would be the one complaining.

      • I am betting if there is anything done it will take place at the next race. They are not gonna do anything about it and change the race results after the podium and handing out of trophy’s.

        Also nothing was done about Leclerc crossing the white line on the entry to the Pit Lane in the Saudia Arabian GP, so don’t hold your breath on anything being done about it.

      • norman connor says:

        It was mentioned as you state. Even my daughter in law asked me why the stewards did not look at it. I said probably because of the crash and red flag. Plus it took them a long time to punish Ocon

      • popkorn520 says:

        Max’s violation did not appear to be intentional, he had to make a quick counter steer because the rear end got loose on him accelerating from the pits. Doesn’t make any difference though, he clearly crossed the line and it should have been penalized.

        • Alessandro Butti says:

          intentional or not is not significant.

          When you cut a chicane because you go long and gain an advantage you have to give it back, and that is not intentional either.

          Plus: verstappen went oversteer because there was leclerc coming (AFTER 1 LAP BEHIND ALBON) and he tryed to overdo to stay ahead.

          thanks to Albon he succeeded.

  • Junior A. Arga says:

    Advice to Red Bull: just remember/reference the Saudi GP in Jeddah when Leclerc crossed yellow line as he’s chased by Verstappen

  • It doesn’t look like there is much in there.

    Probably just the will to hide their horrific management of this race.

    I’ve read a very interesting comment from allalongtheracetrack on this.

    • norman connor says:

      Seriously? Well Verstappen crossed the line, a blind man could see that. But the stewards were lenient on others driving across a shortcut after the tunnel. But anyone who says they didn’t or nothing to look at. Clearly is not interested in rules of F1. And only interested in following a team or driver.

  • norman connor says:

    If it’s good for redbull to complain about passing the weigh bridge and any other complaints. Then it’s ok for Ferrari

    • Meint Veldman says:

      Except…that Red Bull did not break the rules, while Ferrari did ..

      O and wait…. except that Red Bull did NOT officially protest and Ferrari did.

      But, I will give you that Helmut Marko should shut the frack up…

      • Alessandro Butti says:

        except that were the stewards themselfes (race direction with his discrectionality) to allow Leclerc to go to the weight bridge, since the LED was exposed too late even to react to it.

        except that the rule was broken since in the morning there was a memorandum from the race direction in the morning BEFORE the GP (again with his discrectionality that goes OVER the rules, as the world saw in the last race of 2021) stating that all the cars have to stay completely at the right of the line.

        • Meint Veldman says:


          Again, RB did not file a protest.. and you did not even argue they did and the stewards decided neither RB driver broke the rules.. so they did not.
          In the case of Perez, about whom Ferrari DID file a protest he did not even touch the line.

          In the end EVERY team, including RB needs to chill the frack out and stop filing protests about nonsense. WHile Marko, like he always does spouted his nonsense, I am happy they did not do so against Leclerc.

          Your post changes non of that.. and if you do think it is a good idea for F1 teams to file protests all the time.. fine..that is your prerogative.

  • Washington Alfred George says:

    They don’t follow their own rules.. Hamilton should have was the rule right?

  • Robert Horvath says:

    Thinks we’re so much simpler last year, now we just have every Tom, Dick and Harry trying to make raceday decisions.

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