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You Can Now Race Ferrari Formula One Cars On Real Racing 3

It’s not often you get a really good racing game on a mobile platform, but EA’s Real Racing 3 certainly stands out from the crowd. Firstly, it’s free, although the temptation of microtransactions are thrown at you at every turn. If you can ignore them, and the time limits placed on upgrading and repairing your cars, and deliveries of new ones (all of which can be made instantly if you cough up the real-life pennies), then there’s really quite a good mobile racer in here. Real cars and tracks, all looking as good as any full sized racer on the previous generation of full-sized consoles has to offer.

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Acceleration and braking for corners is handled by the game automatically, steering by tilting the screen like you would a wheel, and you can tap the screen to brake in avoidance of other vehicles. Although it’s a simple solution to controlling a car, it works perfectly for pick-up-and-play mobile racing. There’s a full-on in-depth career mode that’ll see you rising through the racing ranks, winning races, time trial challenges, head to heads, drag competitions, all the while upgrading and expanding your garage.

And that garage has just been made all the more Italian thanks to the addition of 3 Ferrari Formula One models. The 371 from 1951 which took Alberto Ascari to 2 victories and second place in the drivers championship, Jean Alesi‘s 412T2, the car he scored his only F1 win in at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in 1995, and the most recent F1 Ferrari of all, 2014’s F14T, less of a Prancing Horse and more of a Lame Duck.

Real Racing 3 is available to download for free on iOS and Android devices.


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