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Ferrari’s F1 Concept Car Made For Assetto Corsa

At the start of 2015 you may remember Ferrari revealing this future F1 concept, that was basically their subtle way of giving the governing body a kick up the arse to change the sport as soon as possible and make F1 cars look awesome again.

Now of course Ferrari are actually doing pretty well (‘well’ being the only team not to get completely humiliated by Mercedes these days) and the cries for changes to the sport have now been taken over from Red Bull, Ferrari’s F1 concept meanwhile has become very much a thing of the past.

That was until a group of modders known as Virtua Simulazioni have brought Ferrari’s future vision to life as a mod for popular racing sim, Assetto Corsa.

The project has taken months of work and you can see why as they’ve modelled the car incredibly accurately based on Ferrari’s original concept drawings.

They’ve even gone to the effort of making a futuristic looking interior, which you can see in the video above.

Link to mod download

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