Ferrari Run 'Halo 2' In Silverstone Practice - WTF1

Ferrari Run ‘Halo 2’ In Silverstone Practice

After failing to run the revised Halo design last time out in Austria due to a car problem, Ferrari have finally debuted ‘Halo 2’ which as you can probably already see from the pictures still looks… I’m just going to say it, it looks absolutely awful doesn’t it?

Not much has changed on the new design other than it being lighter and re-profiled… oh and they’ve gone and covered it in their new sponsor’s logos, oh how very convenient.

Sebastian Vettel ran the device for an installation lap at the start of Silverstone Free Practice 1 while the British crowd probably wondered why the hell a 200 mph flip-flop was driving around the track.

But hey, as has already been confirmed, the Halo is coming in 2017 so you’re gonna have to get used to it!

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