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This Guy Made A Crazily Detailed Ferrari SF16-H Car Out Of Cardboard

We all one day hope to drive or own a Formula 1 car, but for the vast majority of us, that will sadly never happen.

This guy though has got around that problem by building his very own F1 car… out of cardboard. Igor Pokhabov from Russia has only gone and created a 2016 Ferrari SF16-H.

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The F1 car model measures in at three metres long and 0.6 metres high, completely made of cardboard components meticulously put together.

It’s detailed. Like, ridiculously detailed – look at that front wing! There are a load of pictures of the build too, you can see the full gallery right here – it shows every step of the cardboard SF16-H’s construction.

The whole thing must have taken quite a while to complete, even the photo gallery spans from the start of August to the end of October.

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The SF16-H is, of course, being driven this year by Sebastian “Blue Flag” Vettel and Kimi “Iceman” Raikkonen. What would Raikkonen’s reaction to the cardboard version of his own car be? Probably just “bwoah”.

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Igor explained he wanted to do the cardboard F1 car as a surprise to his six-year-old daughter, to see what her reaction to it would be.

He also wanted to get feedback from the F1 world too, and also dreams of one day driving a single-seater too. Hey, close enough.

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