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The Ferrari SF70H Has Hit The Track For The First Time

Following on from its launch of the SF70H, Ferrari quickly got into the swing of things with the car’s maiden on-track outing at Fiorano.

Having been unveiled in an oddly short but sweet online video launch, Kimi ‘Bwoah’ Raikkonen was given the job of driving the SF70H for the first time.

Vettel gets a go
Vettel gets a go

The car is certainly one of the most striking we have seen so far, with unusual sidepods, an eye-catching shark fin and a small wing on top of it.

These shots and video from Ferrari give us a great look at the new 2017 F1 rules on track, and don’t they look good?

Ferrari used the test track for a filming day and hit the 100km limit, with Raikkonen’s stint in the car being followed by Sebastian Vettel getting a go.

Apparently the distance was split equally between them and the car was running on demo compounds of the new 2017 Pirelli tyres.

Vettel on track
Vettel on track

By the sounds of it, the only real problem was the wet weather, which delayed Vettel’s run in the car.

Vettel and Raikkonen will be hoping to return Ferrari to its winning ways this year after a 2016 season that failed to yield a victory.

Is that hand gesture good or bad news?
Is that hand gesture good or bad news?

The pressure’s on for Ferrari to deliver but a load of new rules usually help to shake up the order, and we don’t have long to wait until the pecking order is revealed.

The SF70H will be back in action at pre-season testing, which kicks off on the 27 February at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya (of course).

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